Genius 大家庭

1. Genius English 教師群

Our teachers bring to our school not only their professional experience in the classroom but also their love of the English language.

As some teachers excel when teaching 1-to-1 and others when they are in a small-group class setting, we allow teachers to teach where they feel more comfortable and can, therefore, teach students more effectively.

Similarly, we value the individual skills of our teachers and encourage them to incorporate them into their lessons. Therefore, our best grammar teachers teach grammar, our best writing teachers teach writing and so on.

All of the teachers have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience, a bachelor’s degree and TEFL or TESOL certification.

Come to Genius English where our teachers care.

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2. 我們的學生

All of our students are special.

Our students come from different countries like (Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Italy, France, Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Korea, Iran, Turkey,.) which will help you meet new different nationalities and different cultures and will help you improving your English language

Studying at Genius English offers a wonderful chance to enhance your English skills: the best stepping stone to a brighter, better future.

Studying at Genius English offers a wonderful chance to enhance your English skills: the best stepping stone to a brighter, better future.

If you are considering further education at a university in the UK, US, Canada, or Australia then we can now, as a branch office of GetSet, offer you a FREE consultation service to ease your way into university life. Very popular at the moment, for example, are the Pathway Providers that allow students the chance to enter a university in the UK (starting in year 1) or USA (starting in year 2) with an IELTS grade of between 5.0 and 5.5.

Our students come from different backgrounds, different walks of life and different countries but it is at Genius English where they can truly feel international.

3. 我們的員工

Our staff at Genius English are the unsung heroes of our school. They work for many, often unsociable, hours to help keep our school running smoothly but remain in the background.

They develop and continue to update our website so you can get the latest information about us, design our curriculum, organize our Placement Tests, plan the student activities, arrange the Level Tests, renew visas, print student certificates, make Graduation Day a success, repair or replace things if they break, they are always there to help you and to make sure that your stay is trouble free. And the list goes on.

They are the heroes of our school, so don’t forget to say hello to them when you see them.

We have Russian, Japanese, Arabian, Iranian and Taiwanese staff to assist our students and to answer your inquiries and to help you to make your right decisions